NEM Foundation,Tutellus & Cryptonomos merge to revamp education as we know it

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July 26, 2018 by
NEM Foundation,Tutellus & Cryptonomos merge to revamp education as we know it

NEM Structure, Tutellus and also Cryptonomos have come together to reform education as we understand it. The triad struck the partnership at a blockchain meeting in New york city after a throughly talking about the advantages of the partnership, which will likely be an example-setter in the field of education and learning.

The story of reconditioning the educational system came through NEM, as they posted this amazing turn-around in the field of education on Twitter: “ICYMI: #NEM together with @tutellus and @CryptonomosICO partner up in intend to transform education!”

The brand-new academic campaign
NEM is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency as well as blockchain platform. Tutellus is one of its kind, as it is the very first decentralized as well as collaborative EdTech platform that runs on Blockchain. Cryptonomos is a cutting-edge platform for token launches and servicing. With these 3 differed histories, the three companies have actually unified to modify the standard reward structure in the academic area that focused on long-term incentives as well as marginal temporary motivations with the marginal performance. Nevertheless, now the lives of students and also instructors will likely have a favorable effect as they will certainly be given straight gain access to and also engagement to knowing.

Utilizing the new Tutellus blockchain will supposedly deliver symbols for instructors and also students whenever they achieve their educational related objectives. Cryptonomos will certainly aid Tutellus to take on the NEM blockchain as well as will certainly enable the exchange of NEM symbols for TUT tokens.

Leaders speaking
Leaders from the 3 companies have shared their particular opinions about the cooperation.

Miguel Solana, Investor and Consultant at Tutellus, claimed: “We are grateful for the support of the NEM Structure, Cryptonomos, and also Coinsilium; we are constructing a new decentralized system to transform education and also training forever, as well as fix the pains the industry has. Knowing and mentor will never coincide once more.”

Albert Castellana, Council Member at NEM Foundation, that thinks about Tutellus to be an “inspiring system” for a number of reasons. “they’re currently among the toughest players in the electronic education and learning market and their vision for the future is really engaging. Projects that use blockchain modern technology in brand-new as well as innovative means, such as Tutellus, are the ones that the NEM Structure discover most amazing.”

Oleg Poskotin, CEO, Cryptonomos, claimed: “This is an innovative blockchain project. It isn’t really about attempting to cut out monetary middlemen or boost logistic supply chains– it has to do with changing the manner in which individuals relate to their education. These are the possibly world-changing sorts of tasks that we like.”

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